Richard “Rey” Myers

Film critic, Actor, Writer
Born: 01/10/1989
Birthplace: Mission Viejo, CA

Myers’ career in the entertainment industry began when he was cast as Tony Kirby, Jr. in a high school stage production of the black comedy You Can’t Take It With You at the age of 17.  A collegiate-trained actor markedly influenced by Konstantin Stanislavski, Sandy Meisner and Larry Moss, he has appeared as Proteus in Shakespeare’s Two Gentleman of Verona and more recently as Segismundo in the Spanish Golden Age piece La Vida Es Sueño. Since then he has gone on to star as Bill in Clay Lacey’s western short Double Cross (2010) and has written short and feature length screenplays including Tilt and Some Day. Currently a contributing freelance film critic for UnRated Magazine (Chicago, IL), The Film Stage (New York, NY), Film Courage (Los Angeles, CA), TongueNCheek Reviews (Orlando, FL), and his newly launched project  The Actors Critic (Southern California), he aspires to work professionally in the film industry, both in front and behind the camera to further the art that has so faithfully served him: the cinema has saved his life.


Twitter: @Tonguecheekflix @theactorscritic

Facebook Pages:


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